Machine Learning Engineer

EyePick is hiring!


EyePick develops robotic and machine-learning technologies to enable automation in the physical world. Their software gives sight to robots, enabling them to replicate manual tasks in unstructured environments.

Their mission is to enable smart automation in low tech industries by providing coachable robots to end customers.

They are a fast growing company, part of the Future 40 of Station F, the world's largest startup incubator, and are supported by the best deep tech ecosystems: Elaia, Entrepreneur First, BPI France, Wilco, and many others!

Job Description

As a machine learning engineer, you will directly support our CSO in the R&D efforts to improve the performance of our solution in production and address new types of products.

You will be in charge of benchmarking, implementing, testing and shipping algorithms for vision and robotic interaction.

Your missions will include :

  • Read the relevant code base and understand the existing methods

  • Simulate the problems virtually or physically to qualify your tests

  • Read research papers and tech discussions about the possible solutions

  • Implement the solutions and run quantitative testing to grade them

  • Package the solution into a production grade software: documentation, unit tests, standardization of inputs and outputs. The deployment is out of scope.

  • Create new methods and compare them to existing baselines

Examples of problems:

  • 2D and 3D computer vision

  • Visual signal quality assesment and improvement

  • Object detection and segmentation

  • Shape estimation

  • Object tracking

Important This internship is about getting one's hands dirty: coding, reading docs and reaching production grade software. We are tackling some of the most challenging problems in robotics. You will lean a lot from our experts and researchers, but you need strong skills in computer science, linear algebra, probability and statistics to fully enjoy it ! :)

Preferred Experience

EyePick is a deep tech start-up. We are looking for candidates with strong computer science skills. But your tech skills are as important to us as your attitude and cultural fit.

You will be a great match with our start-up if you:
1) Tech

  • [Must Have] are capable of writing good quality software with unit tests and documentation
  • [Must Have] are proficient in Python, and can implement algorithms in either Tensorflow or Pytorch
  • [Must Have] understand the whats and hows of deep learning (CNNs, training procedure, data split...)
  • [Nice to Have] studied deep reinforcement learning, robotics or C++

2) Soft Skills

  • [Must Have] Are Reliable: you own your outcomes and can be trusted on your deadlines
  • [Must Have] Are Autonomous: you drive yourself. For example when blocked, your first reaction is to read the docs, search the problem online etc.
  • [Must Have] Are Efficient: you know how to sort priorities and go to the essential

3) Others

  • You are finishing your studies (or 2nd Césure) in a leading engineering school
  • Are ready to move to Paris and do not need visa procedures
  • Are proficient in English (written and spoken)

Recruitment Process

  • Start date: ASAP, applications accepted until 01-03-2023
  • Duration: 5-6 months
  • Location: Paris + occasional trips in France/Europe
  • Perks & Fun: unlimited coffee, transport, consequent budget for cloud computing, afterworks: drinks, paintball, escape games...
  • If interested: please send your wanted start date with an attached resume and any link to relevant work (Github / Bitbucket / Kaggle...)


  • Fit screening (15min): we evaluate the fit
  • Take home assignment
  • Focus meeting (1h): real-time coding
  • Who (45min): we want to discover who you are
  • Offer

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 5 and 6 months)
  • Start Date: 01 March 2023
  • Location: Paris
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: < 6 months
  • Possible partial remote