[Internship] - FullStack Developer (Python, Typescript)

EyePick is hiring!


EyePick develops robotic and machine-learning technologies to enable automation in the physical world. Their software gives sight to robots, enabling them to replicate manual tasks in unstructured environments.

Their mission is to enable smart automation in low tech industries by providing coachable robots to end customers.

They are a fast growing company, part of the Future 40 of Station F, the world's largest startup incubator, and are supported by the best deep tech ecosystems: Elaia, Entrepreneur First, BPI France, Wilco, and many others!

Job Description

Thie role is about bridging the tech and the user through an intuitive GUI on the frontend and APIs in the backend.

You will help design and implement a complex architecture capable of managing real time control of robots and machine learning algorithms in a scalable and reliable way.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Distributed computing on the backend using asynchronous frameworks (Python)
  • Developing the GUI (Ionic & Angular or React, Typescript)
  • Exposing APIs from the backend (REST / GraphQL) and implement communication protocols with GUI and middleware
  • Implement tools for bug tracking and performance monitoring
  • Deployment is out of scope, but depending on your interest, you could work on orchestration and containerization

Preferred Experience

EyePick is a deep tech start-up, this requires a taste for science and strong computer science skills.
We are looking for ambitious people, interested in building the first foundations of a fast-growing tech start-up.
You’ll be a great match with our start-up if you:

  • are currently obtaining a computer science degree from one of the leading schools
  • are proficient in Python and Typescript
  • are familiar with code production; versioning, unit-tests, documentation, coding standards etc.
  • have experience with distributed systems and asynchronous communication
  • you are interested in building high quality code that relies on best practices and learn from seasoned mentors
  • nice to have: notions & interest in real time control, machine learning, robotics
  • Stack: we use Python, C++, Typescript, Docker, Linux, Django, FastAPI, Node.js...

Recruitment Process


This job is about getting one's hands dirty: coding, reading complex docs, learning new methods and solving exciting and challenging problems tests and iterations.
The problems are challenging. You need a taste for hard problems and strong skills in computer science, code production, and good organization.

First phone interview: 20min
Take-home technical assignment: 2 hours
Live coding interview (CTO): 1 hours
Interview with the CEO: 1hour
Offer, Goodies and your personal robot pet :)

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship
  • Location: Paris
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Possible partial remote