Software Engineer (Python, Typescript)

EyePick is hiring!


Created in mid-2019, EyePick develops robotic and machine-learning technologies to enable automation in the physical world. Our software gives sight to robots, enabling them to replicate manual tasks in unstructured environments.

We are a fast growing company, part of the Future 40 of Station F, and of many other ecosystems (Plug and Play, Wilco, etc.)

Job Description

The mission

As a middleware software engineer, you will be in charge of packaging research code into production grade software, and your mission includes the following:

  • Building software pipelines between vision capabilities and robotic control
  • Implementing and maintaining asynchronous tasking accross different robots and coordinating their actions
  • Simplifying robots teaching by packaging their capabilities into behaviour units, callable through standardized APIs
  • Implementing new protocols of communications between different programs to optimize communications

Tech Stack
Must have:

  • Python
  • Django or Flask or FastAPI
  • Communication protocols: HTTP, Protobuf, MQ, sockets etc.
  • Celery or Kafka
  • Unit-Testing

Nice to have:

  • AI knowledge
  • Robotics Knowledge
  • 3D Geometry or game coding skills
  • C++, Typescript, GoLang
  • NodeJs

Preferred Experience


  • This job is about getting one's hands dirty: coding, reading complex docs, learning new methods and reaching production grade software through tests and iterations.
  • The problems are challenging. You need strong skills in computer science, code production, and good organization skills.
  • Although in direct contact with Robotics and ML, the focus of this position is software production and building pipelines.

Recruitment Process

  • First phone interview: 20min
  • Take-home technical assignment: 2 hours
  • Live coding interview (CTO): 2 hours
  • Interview with the CEO: 1hour
  • Offer and roadmap

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 24 January 2022
  • Location: Paris
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 1 year